Full stack web developer from Ghent, Belgium. Active in the WordPress space for many years, currently back in vanilla mode writing custom PHP applications, configuring task runners, implementing deployment routines, and creating reactive user interfaces with Vue.


Current positions

Senior Lead Developer at ALLCOS (BE)

Lead Developer at Apache (BE)


Previous positions

Senior Developer at Chilli (BE)



HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PHP, MVC, MySQL, WordPress, WooCommerce, WP-CLI, Craft CMS, jQuery, JS, Vue, Babel, Composer, NPM, Yarn, Grunt, Shipit, Rollup, Git, Bash, Python, Keras


Open source

Maintainer of Polylang CLI

Drive-by contributor to WP-CLI, WooCommerce


Closed source

Full stack web development, WordPress and vanilla PHP

Custom WordPress plugins and themes

Custom WP-CLI commands and packages

Vue JS apps powered by WordPress REST API

Multilingual eCommerce with WordPress, WooCommerce and Polylang

Migration from Drupal to WordPress

Migration from ExpressionEngine CartThrob to WordPress WooCommerce

Composerize network of vanilla PHP websites



You can contact me via this page, or via LinkedIn.

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